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Birthday Scenario Undertale


January-X Pets you with determination

February-X fills you with their “Determination”

March-X Gives you a bad time

April-You pose dramatically with X

May-you cook spaghetti with X

June-X and you become besties

July-You watch mew mew kissy cutie with X

August-You and X give your enemies a bad time

September-You race snails with X

October-Go trick-or-treating with X

November-Walk in the rain with X

December-You and X erase the world



1-Toriel    8-Undyne               15-Asriel                   22-Doggo             29-Grillby

2-Asgore    9-Monster kid        16-Frisk                    23-Lesser Dog      30-River Person

3-Mettaton    10-Burger pants   17-Annoying Dog        24-Greater Dog    31-Noone came

4-Temmie    11-Bratty            18-Gaster                  25-Toby Fox

5-Alphys    12-Chara               19-Muffet                  26-Dogamy

6-Flowey    13-Papyrus            20-Napstablook          27-Dogaressa

7-Sans    14-Bob                    21-Catty                    28-Omega Flowey

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Chicken-racist's Profile Picture
United States
I am not either racist or a chicken. I am a turkey. But in all seriousness, I am a gamer, brony, whovian, pokemon/digimon fan, and a youtube with my own channel.
Youtube channel: Joey Rojas. I hope you like my videos. I make music video with pictures of different things, creepypasta abridged reading, and other kinds of vids.
This page will be more for stories (if submit able) and only a few pics here and there. I am not a good artist.

Also:All your bases belong to chickens! And Pokemon and Digimon need to crossover. That's all


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